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In Loving Memory


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Bruno came into our lives two very short years ago.

Right from the start he was something special. He had so much sass and love in his heart. Everyone in the town knew Bruno, he was super sneaky & always snuck out the door with the dogs. I would often catch him walking down the sidewalks with random families or visiting the neighbors. He had NO problem making himself at home at other peoples homes haha.

Pretty sure Bruno thought he was a dog, I would often catch him drinking out of the toilet. He’s fetched balls before. He was always with our dogs, never cared about hanging with our other cat.

Everyday, I’d come home from work and my pictures on the entryway table would be laying on the floor and his big butt would be laying in their place purring up a storm.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my Bruno & I miss him so very much along with his Dad Jimmy, his canine sisters Daisy and Cassie & his feline sister Nora. ❤️

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