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diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive and medically advanced diagnostic services

Our medically advanced diagnostic equipment ensures that your pet receives state-of-the-art diagnostic care and enables us to gain a more complete picture of your pet’s overall health or of the specific medical problem he/she might be experiencing. 

The diagnostic equipment we use to aid us in the diagnosis of many medical conditions include:


We perform most of our diagnostic lab tests at the clinic for faster results, diagnosis and treatment.  Our in-house veterinary laboratory includes the following:

If further testing is necessary, we have relationships with excellent independent laboratory services that are capable of accurately performing any needed tests.

Digital X-ray

We utilize state of the art digital radiography (x-ray) equipment, which provides quicker, clearer and faster images than older traditional film x-ray.  Like a digital photo, a digital radiograph can be manipulated after it is taken, allowing our team to highlight the image in ways that are not possible with traditional film x-ray.  There is less stress on your pet due to less time on the x-ray table. 

Digital Dental X-rays

Similar to digital radiology, the advanced veterinary diagnostic tools we have also include digital dental radiology.  Because we can see only about half of your pet’s dental problems with our eyes, this type of imaging allows us to see the condition of your pet’s teeth both above and below the gum line. Digital technology displays images almost immediately, allowing us to identify dental issues and treat your pet faster, reducing the time your pet is under anesthesia. 


Veterinary ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive tool that allows us to visualize internal organs that are not otherwise possible to examine. As the sound waves travel into the body they return images of the internal organs. As opposed to radiographic (x-ray) static images, ultrasounds return dynamic results in real time.  This 3 three dimensional image allows the us to see how the organs are moving or how blood is flowing through the dog or cat at the time of the procedure.  Ultrasound is performed at Happy Tails Pet Hospital by a mobile ultrasound specialist with state of the art equipment.  Interpretation of the ultrasound is done by both the ultrasound specialist and Dr. Dan for the most accurate diagnosis for your pet.

Telemed Services

We have the ability to send digital x-ray images on-line for telemed consultations with board certified veterinarians radiologists.  These specialists are available 24 hours a day for telemedicine consultations with Dr. Dan. 

Video Otoscope

We are equipped with a video otoscope, a small tapered probe that is inserted into a dog or cat’s ear which magnifies the image onto a screen for examination. This allows us to evaluate your pet’s ears more fully, optimizing the treatment of dogs or cats with chronic ear infections and to visualize any ear mite infestations.  The fiber optic tip offers a much clearer view and greater detail of the ear drum and deep ear canal.  Irrigation during examination, debris removal and sample collection can be achieved while Dr. Dan is using the video otoscope. 

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Accurate blood pressure monitoring allows us to assess your pet’s condition while under anesthesia, experiencing shock, or in other critical situations. It is also used during routine check-ups to provide a baseline blood pressure reading. It helps detect hypertension, hypotension and evaluate and stabilize critically ill pets.

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