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Honor an old friend by sharing their story

Welcome to the Happy Tails Pet Hospital Pet Memorial. We encourage you to browse through these pets and read their memorial. And, if you feel so inclined to, we encourage you to pay tribute to an old friend and share their story with this community.

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In Loving Memory
Sammy came into our lives on June 16, 2005. He was one of the office cats at the Livingston County Humane Society where my husband and I volunteered. While I would be finishing up with the dog chores Sammy would get on my husbands lap and love all over him. Its true what they say....cats pick you, you dont pick them. We had thought several times about getting a cat but always decided to wait because we had five dogs in our house and didnt know how a cat would fit in.

The day Sammy came to live with us you would have thought that he had always lived here. He made himself right at home even though at first there was some hissing and spitting at the dogs but by the end of that week they were all sleeping together. Sammys favorite place to be was on my husbands lap sitting in their favorite recliner taking their naps together.

He was a very playful and silly cat who liked running around on the bed chasing the air bubbles in the sheets when I made it to chasing the laser light to bopping the dogs on the head or rear end as they walked by him. It has been a little over two weeks since we had to make that very difficult decision. I believe that he came into our lives for a reason and even though he was with us for only seven years he has left his paw prints all over our hearts. Sammy was a very special cat who we will deeply miss. Rest in peace our precious kitty and remember that you were truly loved.


January 23, 2002 - October 19, 2012

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